March 13, 2017

Dear Alumni Friends:

The ISBVI cookbook has been compiled and is available for purchase. This is a fundraiser for the ISBVI Alumni Association and we hope that you will purchase at least one copy since there are contributions from alumni and from the ISBVI kitchen.

A big thank you goes to Alumnus Dee Ann (Walter) Hart class of 1983 who worked tirelessly as the chair of this committee along with members, Dena Polston and Diane Graves. We are proud of this cookbook and hope you will add this to your collection.

All copies will be $25.00; the formats are Braille, Large Print (14-point type) and the cookbook will also be made available as a Word and .BRF attachment through email. So please mark on the registration form if you would like to preorder your cookbook(s) in the format of your choice along with the check or money order for the appropriate amount for the number of copies you wish to order. These will be ready for pick up at the 2017 Alumni convention June 9-11, 2017. There will be a few copies available for purchase at the door. But the Cookbook committee would prefer that you preorder.

You can also preorder the cookbook if you complete your convention registration on-line at

Nancy Burris, ISBVI Alumni President

Cookbook Order Form

If you're not registering for the convention or paying alumni dues (or you already registered but didn't pre-order a cookbook at the time), and you'd like to order the cookbook separately for $25, you can buy it here:

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I wish to pre-order cookbook(s) for $25 each.

Please specify how many cookbooks of each format you'd like (prices are the same for each format):

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Payment Info

A one-time $25 charge will be made to your credit card.

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Thank you for pre-ordering our cookbook!

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